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Windows Home Server is a unit of programs useful for operating a computer. Some steps are essential for its installation on a PC. There are two things: either you install it yourself on a new, assembled or recycled workstation, or you buy it commercially. In the second case, it is installed automatically. In the first case, there is a process to get it started. Here is how to do it.

Check if your hard drive is compatible

At design time, this tool, launched in 2007, was based on Windows Server 2003. It has been simplified and is available in version 2011. This passage from one generation to the next is intended to make it easier to use. Make sure that you have a SATA or SCSI hard drive in your device before launching it, otherwise, it is threatened with restructuring or formatting. In any case, an alert will appear immediately, informing you of the incompatibility of your reader.

In this message appears the minimum capacity, 65 GB that you must have and connect to a disk controller identified above. Press OK to skip if your machine meets the stated conditions. Once done, the installation should start immediately. It is up to you to insert the dedicated DVD to do this, after which you must start your computer. So Windows PE receives the first programs. A second message tells you immediately that Windows is downloading.

Execute the commands one after the other

A table will appear that says “Welcome to Windows Server Installer.” It also informs you of what it will guide throughout the process. To evolve, validate “next”, written below. Disks will appear, allowing you to load drivers such as SATA, SCSI, or RAID. For the rest, you are asked to ensure that your hard drives are visible on the list displayed in a two-entry table at the bottom. If so, then it means that driver loading is on. Validate again, ” next ”. This time, the Windows installer is displayed. It empowers you to perform a new installation.

Be aware that you receive an alert and that the same message, if it reaches you during the operation, resets all hard drives. Between two options, make one! You must either cancel this step to keep some said surfaces or click “Next” if you continue. The next alert prompts you to accept the license, then the key. Accept the terms of the contract to choose a key. By doing “Next” again, you will be asked to name the Home Server to empty. Once the drive to be erased is designated, it is automatically formatted. After that, the installation can be done.

Start the operation itself

As soon as you start, the preparation of the disc is activated in three phases: the creation of the compartments, the formatting and the display of Windows Server 2003. The program launches for several minutes, the copy of the files in the dedicated places of Windows.

When it is done, it is possible to create folders, define user accesses and consult the status of the computer. A file check follows on the C, followed by translations. After the updates are done, your Windows Home Server will be activated!