What are team building strategies ?

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In a business, it is not enough to recruit talent to obtain good returns. The positive results of any company are strongly linked to the quality of the work together. The bosses must therefore do everything to consolidate their teams. What are the most effective team building strategies?

Setting up fun activities

Within a company, all employees must form a living and very dynamic system. To bond in a team, it is recommended that you take an unlikely approach that, in addition to being modern, is effective. It’s about creating a session based on distracting activities. For example, photo rally sessions, karting, or even escape games can help strengthen ties between employees. These Team Building activities aim to forge links between colleagues while having fun.

Whatever activity you plan to do during these sessions, you should form teams of participants who do not work together every day. Likewise, in these teams, there must be personality profiles that are more or less different. The session allows participants to discover the personalities of their colleagues and learn to tolerate them. With fun activities, team building is easier and the employer can easily distinguish individuals who complement each other for better performance in the company.

Perform role plays

Activities away from the business can be expensive and require considerable effort and time. Other types of team building sessions are also effective and above all less demanding and less expensive. For example, you can try role-playing sessions to build situations that involve colleagues and allow them to develop their skills.

The advantage of role-playing is that some are forced to go against their principles and their personality. It is an effective way to learn to discover the character of others, in order to strengthen teams. It is also a good process to see how each individual can adapt to an unusual situation that could suddenly arise in the workplace. If you are going for a role-play team building session, it is important that you give everyone a chance to have their say. You also need to make everyone feel that their contribution is taken seriously.

Proceed by using psychometric

The concept of team building was created by a psychologist named Elton Mayo. This scientist has done work on motivational factors in teamwork and human relationships. It is therefore normal that one of the most effective team building strategies is based on psychometrics.

Whether it is a group of colleagues used to working together or a newly formed team, the psychometric-based session is necessary for several reasons. First, it helps retain employees. Then, it promotes increased organizational performance within the company. Psychometrics also allows individuals to know how they are built. Thus, they will be able to know on which attributes they should focus on to strengthen the collaborative work necessary for the overall success of the company.