How to install solar panels for swimming pool ?

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When the weather is bad and the cold dictates its law, it is not always pleasant to swim in a pool. Solar pool heating is both an ecological and economical solution to continue swimming in a comfortable way. A strategic and professional installation is however necessary. How can you successfully install solar panels for swimming pools?

Solar kit to install swimming pool heating panels

A solar swimming pool heating system is essentially composed of solar collectors. In general, the system comes in two different forms. Depending on the need, the installer can choose between a simple flexible solar mat, which can be moved at will, and a fixed rigid panel (or more).

Whatever the choice, the operation depends above all on an impurity retention filter and a pump. The pump is used to suck water from the basins, in order to circulate it through the solar collectors and the filter. Without this device, the swimming pool cannot, therefore, be heated to the right temperature, in order to extend the bathing season for each other.

Choose the solar heating installation area

For the safety of pool users, solar heating should not be installed just anywhere. Regarding solar mats, it is recommended to install them near the swimming pool. Above all, this considerably reduces heat loss. On the other hand, for rigid panels, the installation is done at a height, generally on the roof of the pool enclosure or the house.

Other installation options also exist. For example, there are solar floors that can be placed around the pool. They do not constitute a risk for users.

Moreover, whatever the solar kit, the installation can only really work if the solar collectors are correctly oriented. To do this, it is best to place them so that they are exposed to the sun for a minimum of 6 hours per day. It is also important to know that the solar collectors are always placed between the impurity retention filter and the discharge nozzle. The goal is to prevent obstruction of pipes and panels.

Solar heating installation: the practice

A solar swimming pool heater installation is not really difficult. All it takes is a few basic DIY skills to do this. So if you don’t like DIY, let a professional do the installation. It is possible to do the pose immediately after building the pool, or later.

To begin with, you have to assemble all the elements of the solar mat, in order to create the solar floor necessary for heating. Next, it is important to connect the solar collectors to the water through the connection pipes. A special pipe makes the connection between the mat (or panels) and the filter. This pipe is used in particular to bring cold water to the collectors. Another pipe is responsible for connecting the sensors to the delivery nozzle. It also brings water heated under the action of the sun to the pools.

The last step is to install a “bypass” valve, to prevent access to the sensors at night or when the weather is bad. This will prevent heat loss.