How to do seo optimization yourself ?

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Among the tools used to improve the visibility of a site on the internet, there is natural referencing (SEO). To set it up, it is common to use a web agency. Otherwise, it is also possible to do the SEO optimization yourself. To do this, you just need to rely on the criteria that we will outline in this guide.

Set up a practical website

To do SEO optimization yourself, you first need to ensure the practicality of your website. This practicality begins with the adoption of responsive design. This is a technology that allows your site to easily adapt to the user’s screen. So the latter will be able to access it from their computer, tablet, and smartphone.

In addition to the responsive design, you must also make sure to reduce the loading time of your website. Internet users are indeed very careful about the fluidity of navigation. So to keep them on your site, you must make sure that the loading speed it is optimal. This involves choosing the right hosting and reducing the weight of the pages. This will prevent your site from being penalized by Google.

Highlight the content of the website

After ensuring the practicality of your website, you must then highlight its content. This content enhancement starts with optimizing your tags and metadata. This not only covers the Title tag, but also the Meta Description tag as well as the other h1, h2, h3 tags.

Enhancing content also involves defining a keyword strategy. To do this, you must review any Google queries that Internet users could make to be directed to your website. This will help improve your site’s position on Google search results.

Previous efforts will be in vain if the quality of your content is not up to par. This is the reason why you should place special emphasis on the quality of the content of the pages of your website. It is indeed the said content that will attract Internet users. Ideally, therefore, it should be produced by experts in content marketing and web writing. They will write essays that will satisfy both Internet users and Google robots.

Other criteria to take into account

Apart from those presented above, there are other criteria to consider when doing SEO optimization yourself. Among these criteria, there is the creation of a successful netlinking. The latter must integrate a constellation of websites and new World Wide Web content.

You should also avoid duplicate content. In other words, you must avoid plagiarism and copy/paste. This amounts to producing unique and original textual content. At the same time, you must optimize the SEO of your content by using a rich lexical field and adapted to your activity or your services.

To finally do your SEO yourself, you need to be present on social networks to easily reach your targets, and use tools such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console to monitor the evolution of your SEO strategy.