What is the best safe place insurance student home ?

If you are moving into a new home as a student in France, you will have to get an insurance for your new place because it is mandatory. There are a lot of insurance companies that offer student home insurances, and it might seem overwhelming to find the best safe place insurance.

How to find the best safe place insurance student home ?

In order to make the right choice of safe place insurance, it is good to first understand student home insurances, why subscribe one, how they work, and so on.

Why having a safe place insurance student home ?

First, you don’t really have a choice in France, it is mandatory to have the place you are living in insured. Even though there are some rare exceptions, as a student renting a place, whether it is an apartment, a house, or shared accommodations, you will have to get a home insurance.

Secondly, since student can get attractive prices, you will feel much safer, and this insurance will help you financially in case of damage caused to the place, to yourself or other.

What are the different options for a safe place student home insurance ?

Usually, student home insurances come as packages, on which you can add layers on top to insure more things. This is the most simple and economical way of having a safe place, rather than trying to cherry-pick every option, which in most insurance companies, will not even be possible.

Basic policies for a student home insurance will cover damage to your belongings up to a certain amount, if a fire happens, or a water damage, or any kind of climatic event. Some companies add another level of safety, by covering emergency repairs, such as failure of electrical appliances or gas problem. And of course, they always include a legal protection, to cover expenses in case you need to go to court.

There are then safer options that you can add on top of your basic plan, such as civil liability, burglary, glass breakage or vandalism. The civil liability, for example, will cover you in your private life, not just at home, for material or immaterial damage that you could cause to someone else.

safe place insurance student home

What price costs the best safe place insurance student home ?

Because students have a limited budget but also are required to have an insurance, insurance companies have adapted their policies to fit a student budget and needs. Since students usually have lower value belongings, and smaller home, the guaranties compared to common policies, are a little more limited. But this is a good thing because this allows for much cheaper prices.

First price policies, for basic packages, will be around €20/year, which is very cheap considering the amount of item covered. Then, there are different policies that can vary from €27/year to €47/year. These policies will be the most safe and comprehensive, while still being quite cheap.

So even though there is a world of home insurances, finding a safe place student home insurance is actually quite simple and can be done at a low price.

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