How to book private car driver from Dudelange Luxembourg to Metz France?

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The road trip Dudelange to Metz, 53.7 km via the A31 or 67 km via the A30, can be taken in a taxi. To do this, you can book one from your Luxembourg location by various means. If this approach seems simple, there are some tips to take into account to achieve it. More details here on the subject.

Call a taxi company

Companies specializing in long-distance travel like the one you have to cover are located in Luxembourg. The vast majority of them can be reached by phone, 24 hours a day because they work 7 days a week. A switchboard remains open, available to receive telephone calls at any time.

The prices they charge depend on several factors including the point of departure, the number of people, the type of luggage, time of the race, the destination. As the taxi sector is regulated by law, its actors are trustworthy, because they are approved by the municipality, which itself represents the ministries of the interior and transport.

Book online

Apart from their physical sites, taxi rental structures have electronic portals. These are real promotional visuals that present illustrated photos and/or short videos, each presenting competitive services.

Whether for a business trip or a regular visit, a mileage rate is applicable depending on the destination. Likewise, a flat rate pricing is questionable for the same types of trips.

Consult guides then book by fax

If the Canvas is easy to access, other supports are also close at hand. These are the guides, directories, yellow pages and other dedicated manuals, which offer the services of various specialized companies in the sector. They display in addition to their addresses, faxes, telephone numbers, emails and PO boxes. The specific promotional rates are also detailed there.

These publications are free and you can get them at the stands of some partner travel agencies. These are periodicals such as thematic magazines produced by promoters or patrons of the sector. For a reservation, prefer the fax in order to benefit from the spontaneity of the communication.

Solicit digital taxi promotion platforms

Always online, you will find dedicated platforms, organizations dedicated to promoting the services of urban transport companies. Select some of them according to the experiences, their services and the prices they apply.

Then taking into account the quality/price ratio, choose one according to your scholarship. To find one of these structures, enter specific terms of reference. The search will be guided by criteria related to the destination and the comfort sought during the trip.

Download an application

If you need to practice the same distance on other occasions, you had better download a dedicated app. There are some that are rich directories of taxi companies.

This digital programming is as practical as it is presented as an electronic address book. Contacts are always in view. You can use it to do your prospecting and thus find the service you are looking for at the right price.