How to sneak out of the house with an alarm ?

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Alarms are a great way to keep homes secure. They play a very important role, in particular by alerting owners to the manifestation of stealth activity. However, for one reason or another, you may find it useful to leave the house without turning off the alarm. We show you how to do this.

How to bypass his magnetic alarm system?

Magnetic sensor alarms usually attach to the doors or windows of the house. So, to avoid triggering the device, you have to find another way out. In this case, you should choose a door or window that can provide easy access to the outside. When it comes to the window, avoid approaching it if it is located on a too-high floor, especially on the second. Because you will need to use a ladder and this can be risky. It is, therefore, preferable to opt for a window on the first floor. If none of these opportunities are possible, you will have no choice but to bypass your security system.

Magnetic sensors usually come in the form of a small metal case. They consist of two parts, one of which is fixed and the other installed at the door or window. Thus, as these parts are arranged, the device is triggered when the magnetic bond between them is broken. This is manifested by the sounding of the alarm when the door or window is opened.

So to trick your sensor, you can use a fridge magnet. However, this method may be ineffective if you have a better quality alarm. So place the magnet on the sensor. This action will make the device believe that the door or window is closed and prevent it from being triggered when it is opened.

If, moreover, your sensors are more sophisticated, you will have to separate the mobile part of the sensor from the fixed part. You can do this with the help of a screwdriver. After that, put the mobile sensor on the fixed one to trick the device. However, before you separate the sensor components, take a picture of their arrangement. This allows you to reassemble them more easily when you return by referring to them.

How to fool your alarm button ?

The button alarm is attached, like the magnetic model, to the door or window. It usually consists of a plastic case that has a button. In operation, the button is released when the door or window is opened. This triggers the alarm.

To bypass this feature, you can block the button by keeping it active with an object. To do this, open the window or door, leaving a very small gap in it. When the button is accessible, insert a thin object in this space to keep it activated and prevent the device from sounding.

Then you need to secure your thin object in place with duct tape to prevent the alarm from activating after you leave. When you get home, don’t forget to remove the blocker that was used to bypass your alarm. Since this action may trigger the security system, it is best to do so when the device is deactivated.