Which flower shop can deliver in Morocco?

The advancement in technology means that goods can now be bought online and delivered to wherever you choose in Morocco. Amazingly, flowers are also included too. Although they are fragile, the nature of delivery services means that you can get them in perfect condition, smelling and looking fresh. The trick lies in knowing which flower shop can deliver in Morocco.

What are the best flower stores in Morocco?

Counting the total number of flower stores in Morocco is actually a tedious task, as they are numerous, and it would take days. Therefore, you only need to know the best and the move on from others.

Here are some of the top flower stores in Morocco:

  • Send flowers Morocco
  • Mafleur. ma
  • Fleuriste York flower
  • Blooming Flowers
  • Erka Fleuriste
  • Fleurs Maroc
  • Jamila Fleurs & Verdure S.A.R.L
  • Fleur Ever Marrakech
  • Maroc Fleurs
  • Signatue Florale
  • Flower Line
  • Le Kiosque a Fleurs Marrakech
  • Yassab Floral Design
  • Fleuriste Alaoui EL Jadida
  • Fleuritel
  • Petales & Compagne
  • Kentra Flowers
  • Galaxie Fleurs
  • Golden Flowers

Kindly note that these stores have different modes of operation. Some are strictly in-store shopping, while others do delivery.

Flower shop delivery: easily done in Morocco

Shopping with a flower store that offers the delivery option is beyond pleasant. It offers you the opportunity to get your flowers wherever you are in Morocco, without leaving the comfort of your home.

Some of the shops that offer delivery are:

Mafleur. ma

It’s no surprise seeing Mafleur. ma at the top of this list as they are the best at what they. The services they offer include in-store shopping, in-store pickup, and most importantly, delivery. They have amazing customer service that would guide you through the selection process and help you select the best for the occasion.

Fleuriste York flower

The reputation of Fleuriste York flower speaks for itself, being one of the most popular and reviewed flower businesses on Google. The shop combines its flower sales with excellent design skills, which leaves your bouquet, looking exactly like what you expected. As a plus, they also offer delivery services.

Blooming flowers

Taking a quick look at this shop’s website would convince you that, indeed, they only sell blooming flowers. Their site is set up in a way that allows easy browse through, enabling you to choose what you want without walking down to the store. Of course, Blooming flowers also offer delivery services.

Send Flowers Morocco

The shop’s aim can be easily read from its name. It allows you to shop and send flowers to wherever you want in most areas in Morocco. Although they offer quality products, they only run a strict delivery operation, therefore in-store shopping is not allowed.

Ereka Fleuriste

The phrase “attention to detail” is what characterizes the services of Ereka Fleuriste. They offer a ton of interesting flower combinations for you to choose from on their site. In the words of a customer, Ereka Fleuriste is the best at what they do. They also offer a delivery service option in Morocco.

Fleurs Maroc

Although we might not be able to include all the shops, Fleurs Maroc is surely one of those that has to make the list. With a good amount of experience under the belt, Flerus Maroc has learned to replicate the flower combination you desire.

Aside from these shops, there are also others that offer delivery too. The benefit of delivery cannot be overestimated, and you should surely try it out sometime.