How to find bank accounts with a social security number ?

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The notion that someone’s bank account can be accessed using a social security number has usually been peddled as a myth. Note, it is not that this can’t be done, but many people think it is also through illegal means that you can achieve such a feat. This isn’t quite true as we will see in this post, as there are experts who can help one get bank accounts using social security number.

Why do people want to access Bank Accounts with a social security number?

There are numerous reasons why individuals want to do these, they are

Divorce Cases

Divorce cases are sometimes bitter with both sides fighting for huge financial settlement. Some spouses may think that their other half, isn’t truthful about their assets’ declaration, and they may seek ways to access the spouse accounts to verify.

Child support debt

Many people are defaulting on child support not because they don’t have the financial resources, but they are untruthful about their status. The onions lie on the other party to get his account to know if he is insolvent or wants to abdicate his duties.

Business deals

Many individuals engage in business with others to expand their operations. However, before this business can go on, it is imperative to know the financial worth of your partner.

How can you find a bank account with a social security number?

It is possible to access bank account statements with an individual social security number, however, it has to be done legally. Once someone tries to play smart with you and doesn’t trust them, getting their financial statements may be the best way out. Once you are in possession of their social security number, you are in luck.

There are excellent online services that can do a good job for you by accessing another person’s bank account information, however, they would usually ask for two things; Legal reasons, and social security numbers. These professionals will help you track bank statements across the world in record time. Even if you don’t have the party security number, they could be of the help, albeit at a more expensive rate.

Cost for accessing a bank account with a social security number?

The rates this service will collect range on your location, the reason for the search, and bank. Usually, the fees are around $350 and $700 for those with social security numbers. However, you may need to add an extra $100 to $120 if you don’t have one.

Factors to consider before using these online services

While the urge to patronize Online professionals to get another party bank information, look out for these:


There are many quack and bogus professionals online who are not licensed investigators on such matters. Before dealing with any online service, make sure they have a legit license to carry out their duty.


It is important to know how much their service will cost before hiring them. There are no fixed prices, however don’t pay above board and don’t comprise quality because of cheaper alternatives.


Using professionals who are reliable and can boast of positive reputation will save you headaches. Referrals are good, you could also check online reviews to know how people react to their service.

Finding bank information with social security number is possible only if you use trusted professionals who have been tested and are reliable.