What fast food companies are offering deals on their gift cards ?

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The fast food and take-away market is very popular in France and throughout the old continent. It is estimated that in 2023, across Europe, it will amount to around $ 25 billion, a fortune. Efficiency and speed go hand in hand with this type of catering, to the delight of customers.

The ready-to-eat bait

The fast food industry has revolutionized the food offering and even the type of gift to be given to neighbors, circle of friends and relatives. Some restaurants to quickly meet the needs of their customers offer meals to give as gifts. With their fast delivery service, this line of products makes life very easy for a very diverse clientele. This clientele is increasing. This market is expected to grow 10% per year until 2023.

Which restaurants offer gift offers

Located a stone’s throw from the port of Crotoy, in the middle of the Baie de Somme, the Auberge de La Marine offers gift cards. For a three-course menu, the bill per person is estimated at 36 euros. It goes up to 76 euros for a service at 4.

The Instant Z restaurant also has gift cards for its customers. Located in Le Thou, in Charente Maritime, it offers a menu at 36.90 euros per person. Instant Z gives you two carte-blanche options as well. The first option will cost you 46.90 euros. With the second carte blanche option, you have a say in the constitution of your menu. And your choices will be well satisfied, with good quality wine available at will.

At the Miraflore you have the same offers. An equally important feature is to be noted with the Miraflore. In this restaurant which offers Franco-Peruvian dishes, the cuisine is all organic. Organic gastronomy obviously has a price. To enjoy the culinary flavors of this restaurant, you must pay at least 85 euros. You will spend 125 euros to have better service and then 180 euros per person to sufficiently enjoy the specialties of Miraflore.

One of the gift offers at the Tour Saint Privat, located in Saint Privat la is 38 euros per person. It consists of a starter, a main course plus a dessert. For the menu at 58 euros per person, the restaurant adds an aperitif, two starters, two main courses, a dessert plus a cup of the best coffee. Food and wine pairings are offered with gift cards of 78 euros.

The gastronomic gift offer in France

There are more than 700 restaurants in France that offer this type of service. Opting for gift cards in one of these restaurants is a guarantee of satisfying your appetite, your expectations and those of your guests.

The offer is certainly diverse, but you will do better to determine the dishes you would like to taste before making your choice of restaurant.

Above all, don’t forget to consider your budget. The gift offer has the advantage of setting the menu in advance. You can also burst the offers in some restaurants. All you need to do is suggest your menu combination and pay the bill that this change of menu generates.