DNS-IPAM-DHCP appliances: enhance the visibility of your network infrastructure

Nowadays, enterprises are witnessing the explosion of connected devices in the workplace ; as these new physical and virtual devices need a reliable connectivity, they have to implement new solutions to ensure the efficiency of the Domain Name System (DNS), the Dynamic Host Control Protocol (DHCP) and the IP address management (IPAM).

BYOD, IoT, virtualisation,…The challenges every business faces

Deploying a DNS-IPAM-DHCP appliance– known as DDI solution– can be the key to strengthen the network foundations of your business. Network services indeed tend to be vulnerable and difficult to manage, update and secure for IT administrators.

The explosion in the number of devices is one of the reasons why it has become difficult to manage network services. Enterprises are now forced to shift from IPv4 to IPv6. Indeed, IPv4 IP address range is limited and represents approximately 4.3 billion IP addresses worldwide, which is not enough nowadays.

One weakness of network management is that network services (especially DHCP and DNS) are usually managed separately. The solution? Implementing a DNS-IPAM-DHCP appliance that automates the management between these three services, therefore helping you avoid manual tasks. It is indeed better to manage IPAM and network services together, in one single process, in order to prevent inconsistencies across the system.

DHCP appliance

DNS-IPAM-DHCP appliances: Three reasons why visibility is essential

Whether you are a manufacturer, a university or a retailer, being able to cope with a growing number of IP addresses is essential. It became a true burden for companies to manage IP addresses manually. More than being a waste of time, it is prone to errors, and in the worst case scenario, it can prevent users from accessing your network services. Global visibility is one of the most important components of DNS-IPAM-DHCP appliances; here are three reasons why:

  • First of all, visibility enhances the reliability and security of your network; indeed, DNS-IPAM-DHCP appliances comprise error-free configurations and establish a centralised management which enable you to have an accurate overview of network services.
  • Visibility helps anticipate serious problems, such as outages. The reason is that DNS-IPAM-DHCP appliances constantly monitor network activities, detect unusual activities, and deliver accurate reports about the current state of the system. DNS-IPAM-DHCP appliances can therefore help reduce time spent on solving problems;
  • Finally, visibility helps gain greater control of your technology and IT, which can result in a better management of both your budget and resources.

As it will become impossible for enterprises to manually manage a growing number of IP addresses- through spreadsheets and other non-automated applications- they should consider investing in an efficient DNS-IPAM-DHCP appliance. On the long term, a solid DDI can pay off on both economic and technical levels. Find more explanations on www.efficientip.com.

Adopting a DDI solutions will indeed become a determining factor for companies which want to develop their services. More than simply automating your system by uniting DHCP-DNS and IPAM services, DNS-IPAM-DHCP appliances can reduce operating costs and enhance your productivity.