Is it necessary to careller its patio ?

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Patio or small backyard surrounded by four walls is a construction whose first appearance dates back to ancient Rome. The building inside or outside the building needs additional coverage. For this purpose, tiling can prove to be of great use for the patio. It helps protect the floor covering, but also that of the exterior wall. However, is it really practical? The answer here.


The patio is a space that is built on the ground. There are two types of patios: open patio and covered patio with an umbrella or pergola. The patio has a floor covering and this needs to be covered. In fact, it is more than necessary to use tiles as a floor covering. It cannot be dismantled. It is easy to maintain. Dirt does not encrust, due to its enameling. It washes with any cleaning product. It resists marks, scratches, breaks, and does not move. Its solidity gives it insulating properties.

The tiling maintains the quality of the floor. It is very important to tile your space like the patio. The flooring should be polished and even. It will even be essential for security if you receive guests in your patios. In fact, tiles are one of the most widely used materials for patio steps.

You can use natural stone tiles (granite, marble, slate tiles), or stoneware tiles (glazed porcelain, enamel, full-body porcelain) or terracotta tiles with an ecological material without chemical components.

Exterior wall covering

Exterior tile cladding can provide additional security, protection and enhance the aesthetic appearance of the patio. The exterior wall tiles are resistant to bad weather, winds, temperature variations, frost. It is not likely to crack or break. It does not deteriorate so quickly and withstands the wear and tear of time. Also, an aesthetic aspect is maintained on the outside of the patio.

Porcelain stoneware tiles are suitable for cladding exterior facades. To take up the Mediterranean architectural aspect of the patio, we use earthenware walls with a blue color.

Tiling for the exterior cladding of a patio can be done using natural stone tiles such as marble or granite.

The advantages of tiling for a patio

The patio is an outdoor place for relaxation, rest, eating, entertainment, meetings with friends during the summer. With non-slip tiles for flooring, you ensure the safety of visitors to your patios. Tiles are the best choice because of their stability and strength.

The tiling prevents water from collecting inside the patio, if the patio is open. It waterproofs the patio, that is to say, it prevents liquid infiltration and makes the floor covering solid. We can replace those that break. Compared to wood, which degrades over time, tile is one of the best materials for covering a patio.

Tiling is more than necessary, it is very useful. It guarantees the steps and the flooring of the patio, but also reinforces its external protection.