How to buy a house in Florida ?

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Florida is a state that attracts many because of its pleasant climate and favorable taxation in real estate. Do you want to invest in housing in the United States? Whether you are a US resident or not, buying a home in Florida can be very easy.

How to choose?

Whatever your project, the criteria to consider are not the same as for a purchase in France. Here are some of the criteria to take into account before any purchase.

First, you need to choose the city and district in Florida where you want to invest. From Miami to Tampa, via Orlando and Naples, Florida is a vast state and economic conditions are not the same everywhere. Miami is a very pleasant city with a good atmosphere and a great climate, but it is also the most expensive. Tampa looks more affordable, but its economy is still quite slow and some areas are prone to flooding.

Often ranked as the best city to invest in real estate, Orlando is a medium-sized and pleasant city. It is also worth paying attention to Jacksonville and Sarasota. Once the city has been chosen, you will find the best neighborhoods with an internet search, whether in terms of quality of education, employability rate or crime rate. Remember that it is imperative that you find a real estate agent to make your job easier.

After that, you have to define the type of real estate you want to acquire. Is it for a primary or secondary residence or rental accommodation? Whatever the project, you have the choice between a detached house, a town house or townhouse, a building or an apartment. Here, it is the number of rooms that prevails and not the number of rooms. For seasonal rental accommodation, you must ensure that this type of rental is permitted in the chosen area.

You also have to choose the housing options (swimming pool, golf) and define your budget, according to which the real estate agent will search the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), a database of all available properties.

How is the purchase made?

After the search, the agent will offer you a list of matching accommodation and accompany you for the visits. If you like a property, he will perform a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) to ensure the right price for the home. You will then need to make a written offer to purchase and the seller can either accept it or make a counter offer until you both agree. After that, it will be necessary to inspect and secure the accommodation.

You will make a deposit of 1 or 2% of the sale price with the Title Company (sort of notary) of the seller and an inspector will come and check the house from all angles. If you are satisfied with the inspection, you confirm the purchase. Just before the signing of the sale (closing), you will go back to do a walk through to make sure that the previous owner has left, leaving the house in the same condition as the first inspection. You will finally sign the closing with the Title Company and you will receive the keys after clearing.

Buying a home in Florida happens very quickly. It takes around 15 days between the first visit and the signing of the contract. So make sure you have the funds available on time.