What is the best audio version of the quran in english ?

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The best way to memorize the Quran and understand the meaning of the verses is to have MP3 files at your disposal. Through headphones, you can listen to the Quran at any time after you download it. Today, accessing these files has become easy. Several online platforms offer translation of suras into other languages. What are the best translations of the Quran in English?

Al Quran with English Translation – MISHARY BIN RASHID ALAFASY

To listen to an English version of the Quran online, you can search for the one offered by MISHARY BIN RASHID ALAFASY. The album includes all 114 chapters, from Sura Al Fatiha to An Nas. For each chapter, the reader translates the different verses into English, after pronouncing them in Arabic. You can find this application on Google Play, as well as on a website like The chosen one. Since the files are available for download, you can open them on your various digital devices. The Amazon merchant site is also selling the full version of the translation on 2 CDs. The advantage of this album is that the audios are of very good quality and the translation is crystal clear.

Quran in English – Islam truth righteousness

The Islam Truth Righteousness web platform offers MP3 versions of the Quran in English. In these audio files, the suras are not recited in Arabic, they are directly translated. On its interface, you will see displayed the first 10 chapters of the holy book of Islam, namely from Al Fatiha to Sura Yunus. You will have to scroll the bar to see the other suras. You have the choice to read the files directly on the site or download them to your smartphone, computer or tablet. The site offers a translation of the holy book of Islam into 15 other languages.

Quran With English Translation – QuaranMP3

The Quran Mp3 site gives visitors access to a “Quran with translation” section. In this section, you can find suras from the Quran translated into several languages ​​including English. The sound quality of the audios is remarkable, and the translation is clear. At the very bottom of these files, you can see options that allow you to download Suras individually. You also have the option of backing up the entire library.

The Entire Holy Quran with 114 Chapters with English Translation

On SoundCloud is available a complete album of the 114 chapters of the Koran with an English translation. In each of these audios, a person recites the Quran in Arabic, and then each sura is translated into English. The platform gives you the possibility to read them, add them to a playlist or share them. However, there is no download option available. To save the files on your PC or mobile phone, you will therefore have to go through a download site. You can also go through a versatile music download platform. In this case, you will have to install the tool on your smartphone, then navigate to the download window to find the sura you want to save on the device.