What is the theory that America is a country of different cultures fusing together ?

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The United States, or even less America, is the third most populous country in the world. It has a population of nearly 331 million people. In addition to its original population, the American population is increasing thanks to a migratory balance resulting from several generations. This is why a theory has been put forward that America is a country of different and fused cultures.

The “melting pot”: irrefutable proof of the theory of fusion of cultures

Who says “melting pot” involves the fusion of cultures, nationalities, and ethnicities: the culture of diversity. In implementing the concept of the melting pot, Americans believed that each component of the population should give up its own characteristics to conform to a hybrid lifestyle. In other words, each race adopts a fusion culture resulting from the realities of common life.

Over the years, the originally heterogeneous populations have therefore unconsciously learned to live together despite their difference in culture and religion. This way of life has continued into the country’s major decision-making bodies. Former President Barack Obama is clear proof of this. Also, intercultural and interreligious marriages have greatly influenced this fusion of cultures.

Since each generation of children receives values ​​from each of their parents, the chain of transmission continues so that some eigenvalues ​​are hidden in favor of the merged values.

The role of universalism in the fusion of cultures

The diversity of the American population makes the fusion of cultures a mandatory reality. The mass consumer society has caused a standard way of life to develop through workplaces and meeting places. Now everyone adopts the same style of dress and there is no longer one type of work reserved for a specific breed. Everyone participates in the same competitions and only the most deserving can represent the country. The evidence is naturally seen in athletic competitions, especially athletics.

Segregationist rejection: an opponent of the theory of cultural fusion

For several generations, due to the racism still persisting in the United States, certain minorities have been keen to preserve their cultural values. It is a form of resistance to the injustices of which they are sometimes victims in several aspects of life together. This minority included the black population, Hispanics, and Asians of origin. It was then the Amerindians saw the rejection resulting from the textbooks, of which it was the object. Since then, a large part of this minority still leads the fight against their self-destruction by instilling purely cultural values ​​in their children.

The American Green Card: a seed of the culture of diversity

Since 1995, the American Immigration Act has established an agenda for the balanced maintenance of American cultural diversity. Via the Green Card Lottery, the country grants 55,000 emigrant visas specifically targeting countries with the lowest emigration rate over the past five years.

That said, even if the theory of the fusion of cultures relies heavily on the concept of the melting pot, some people prefer to speak of a salad bowl. They consider that it is more a question of complementarity between cultures than of a merger.