How to get a affiliate marketing safelist ?

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Affiliate marketing is one of the safest and surest ways to make money online, and using an affiliate marketing safelist will help you to be successful in this venture. But if you are new to affiliate marketing, you may not know how to get started or worse still, may have never heard of an affiliate marketing safelist. Below, we tell you everything you need to know and provide you with the tools you need to get started.

What is an affiliate marketing safelist?

You may already know that affiliate marketing is a situation whereby a company or retailer gets into an agreement with a 3rd party website to send traffic its way, or refer buyers to its products/services for a commission.

A safelist is a database of email addresses whose members can email each other advertisements of products and services. Emails sent out to members of a particular affiliate safelist cannot be considered spam since every email address in this list typically agree to receive communication from other members.

To understand affiliate marketing safelists better, think of them like a club with like-minded members working towards the same goal. Each member here is mostly a fellow affiliate marketer, and the goal is to help you create a successful online business, just as you would help them do the same.

how to make money online with free traffic email and marketing affiliate safelist
how to make money online with free traffic email and marketing affiliate safelist

Advantages of an affiliate marketing safelist

Some notable positives are:

It is Affordable

Joining an affiliate safelist is not just easy, it is also cost-effective compared to other ways of ensuring a successful affiliate business. Most safelists will let you join for free, and you can then go ahead to pay a small fee or earn credits for your own advertising. Remember, paid subscriptions are great for reaching a larger audience.

how to make money online with free traffic email and marketing affiliate safelist
how to make money online with free traffic email and marketing affiliate safelist

Legitimate means of affiliate marketing

There are many ways to promote a product as an affiliate marketer, but not all of them are legit. With safelists, you can be sure that you are not using any underhand tactics as your audience receive your adverts with their permission.

how to make money online with free traffic email and marketing affiliate safelist
how to make money online with free traffic email and marketing affiliate safelist

Access to a targeted audience

Affiliate safelists are usually made up of marketers and business owners selling a particular product or service, and most segment their lists. For example, there are real estate safelists, and it is not advised that a sports gear affiliate marketer join this group.

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How to get an affiliate marketing safelist?

To get started with an affiliate marketing safelist, first browse reputable sites online to find available ones. Read up on any review you can find, and trim your chosen sites down to the top five you’re most comfortable with.

Next, check out their subscription plans, read up on how they work, and further reduce the chosen ones to the best three if you want. It is advised to use more than one safelist for optimum results.

Lastly, subscribe, or make use of the advertising credits that may be available to you. Remember to use the safelists for lead generation more than as a tool to sell your products or services, and always track results to see how best your chosen safelist is working for you.

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Strategy of affiliate marketing network

Affiliate marketing network is actually one of the most attractive ways to make some extra money online. In fact, affiliate marketing has reached a certain pedestal that put it at the place of the biggest revenue generator for publishers just behind Google AdSense. Gathering many other benefits, it needs some efficient strategies to be as sustainable as possible.

How important is the strategy of affiliate marketing network?

In order to minimize the risks in your investments, it is important to enhance some strategies before launching an affiliate marketing network campaign. In fact, it is the only way to guarantee a high return on the investment you’ve made.

After, focusing on a specific strategy will help you increase in brand awareness. Even if it may not sound as evident as it seems, the brand awareness takes an important place in the course of your business.

And finally, never forget that investing on a special strategy or on some typical strategies of affiliate marketing network will influence your business growth. And this is the ultimate goal to reach in order to get more and more income.

Which are the main strategies to adopt to fulfill your objectives with affiliate marketing network?

Now that you are aware on the importance of the use of a specific strategy of affiliate marketing network, it’s high time to pick up the best and the most efficient ones. And according to the most successful publishers that had tried many strategies so far, the tailoring of your own products to your audience is an interesting strategy. After, you should also be transparent as regards to your affiliate efforts.

If you aim at reaching a most numerous audience, you can select great products in a profitable niche. Once this last attracts the attention of your audience, you’re sure to make some profits from it. 

In order to be successful in your affiliate network project, you can put affiliate links where there is the most traffic. No need to publish new contents. Just boost the old existing content that has got fluent traffic.

You can also invest on the A/B testing of your affiliate links and banners. In fact this is an old efficient technique that has always been used for the optimization of the affiliate marketing campaigns.

And finally, don’t forget to customize your links for different countries. Apart from being an efficient way to spread worldwide your audience, it also contributes to the maintenance of your reputation and to make money with an affiliate network.