On the Internet, you can find whatever you want : websites of good quality, and websites that are more suspicious. To tell what it’s true from what’s it’s wrong, then you have to check the credibility of the source. In the article, you will discover how to tell if a paper that you just read is worth believing. How to do that? This is what we will tell you.

The author: is he or she serious ?

If you have doubts on the article that you just read, why don’t you make some researches about the author? Enter his or her name on Google. You will then take a look at his or her experience. Does he or she look serious to you? Make your own point of view, but do not forget to be objective.

The website itself: check its credibility It’s true, you have to check the credibility of the website where you just read the article. Internet users point of view and advices will be very helpful. If the website serious? The, you can probably trust the article. Is the website suspicious? Be really careful then! You can tell if an article is good or not, by looking at how is it written. If the language is free of emotion, if the purpose is to inform you, it there’s a goal in writing this article, then you can say that it is a good one. If not, then, you can just forget what you just read.

When you will check the credibility of an article, do not forget to stay objective. It’s the only way to get the right information. After that, you will be able to make your own opinion, just by reading other articles about the same subject. We really hope that our advice will help you to find the truth on the Internet, a media that is a good source of information anyway.


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